IT Consulting

IT services are the core of Sunocean Consulting’s expertise. We offer system administration, dev ops, hardware procurement, and networking solutions.

Business Services

We offer business analysis, business intelligence, business process modeling, business planning, and business strategy services.

Transportation & Logistics

We provide aerospace and automotive companies with product content management, logistics, planning, enterprise resource management, and digital asset management.

Financial Services

Financial projections, financial analysis, spend management, investment analysis, capitalization, and funding research.

Media & Entertainment

Digital asset management, database management, content management, enterprise search, video on demand, transcoding, distributed application development, and broadcasting network infrastructure.

Manufacturing Consulting

Enterprise architecture, parts management and automation, enterprise resource planning, inventory management systems, systems automation, machine learning, and business renovation.

Effective Business Consulting.Clarity. Innovation. Persistence.


Sunocean’s Consulting services improve communications, enhance mobility, increase operational effectiveness, maximize IT investments, lower costs, optimize business processes, and enhance productivity. We offer comprehensive solutions to meet your organization’s challenging technical requirements. Our systematic approach is timely, efficient, and effective.

Sunocean Consulting was founded in 2002 to provide consulting services to entertainment companies in West Los Angeles. Since then, Sunocean Consulting has expanded its services to a variety of media companies throughout the country. Serving organizations of all sizes, Sunocean Consulting continues to develop and refine its business and technology services and delight and amaze our valued customers with outstanding customer service and attention to detail.


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